We have specialized in housing projects and developments on a turnkey basis since 1994 and have successfully completed no less than 20 housing projects. We have the relevant experience and knowledge of housing policy and criteria to implement projects successfully for Municipality within the project guidelines and financial constraints.

To date, we have more than 20 years’ experience in rural and low-cost project management and have built in excess of 8,000 units.

We operate on a turnkey policy whereby we undertake all construction work ourselves and use professionals to provide Legal, Town planning and Engineering services. We are responsible for the overall project co-ordination of the professional team through the planning stage of the project, to conclude the relevant Stage 1 planning milestone.

Ntokozweni assists in meeting the Government’s goals to alleviate poverty, train and capacitate in administration and construction skills in an effort to support the EPWP. This is achieved substantially during construction activities, in installing water pipelines, VIP’s and a substantial portion of the house construction.

We have the experience and financial resources to work at risk in order to prepare an application to Department of Human Settlements for Stage 1 and Stage 2 Rural PLS approval, on behalf of Municipalities, and ensure that all relevant annexures are concluded to the satisfaction of the Department of Housing’s policy and guidelines.

We assist Municipalities to prepare claims to the Department of Human Settlements, in terms of the payment milestones and in the prescribed format. We assist, communicate and involve all project role players which include the beneficiary community, Project Steering Committee and Ward Councillors.

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